Football Strike – Online Soccer

Football Strike is more than just a game – it’s a thrilling test of skill, precision, and strategy that brings the excitement of football to your fingertips.

Football Strike was my biggest achievement in Miniclip in terms of UX Design, mostly because the whole interfaces was designed by after taking in consideration all the flaws and learnings from Basketball Stars.

The goals was to enhance the winning formula of Basketball Stars not only in the gameplay but also in the interface.

The first challenge was that this time the player was able to play as two different players: the striker and the goal keeper, which mean doubling on the possibility of gameplay and customisation.

Football Strike is a mobile game that allows players to compete in free-kick challenges and shooting battles against other players from around the world. The game offers realistic physics-based gameplay, intuitive touch controls, and a variety of game modes and customisation options. Players can also participate in leagues and tournaments to climb the global rankings and earn rewards.

The game itself also had a way stronger RPG vibes, giving different stats based on the soccer ball equipped.

The trick to showcase the two characters, was to create an intermediate page in the customisation page, a sort of recap of all your stats where your two characters are standing next to each other.

This allowed to create an HUB to fit all the sub pages but also enjoy the only moment where the player can see both of their characters.

The Career mode is practically inspired by the Story mode in classic arcade games, giving the player a sense of progression apart from the leaderboards.

Overall, the experience with Football Strike allowed us later to revisit Basketball Stars and apply the new learnings retroactively.