A new adventure – building the Hatchyverse

I am finally glad to be able to talk about a side project that I have been helping for a while: The Hatchyverse 

Started as a series of  NFT collectables accessible HERE, the Hatchyverse intention built around to become the first decentralized Intellectual Property (IP) owned and managed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Started as a UX Director freelance, I decided to step up and become a Creative Director freelance for the whole IP.

The IP itself is a set of lore, world building and characters that the community can freely use to build their own creative projects like comics, videos, minigames and so on. Hatchyverse uses the power of the community and a series of partnership that allow all the users to be active in the world building and help to expand it.

As for my role, my main goal is to provide solid pillars to understand the world and to make each product reflect the world and respect the IP in order to be approved as canon.

The team is composed by people all over the world, mostly freelance like me, but the passion and the involvement of the community is already bringing out some results.

In the meantime here is the website which is still a work in progress.

Stay tuned for more!