• A new adventure – building the Hatchyverse

    I am finally glad to be able to talk about a side project that I have been helping for a while: The Hatchyverse  Started as a series of  NFT collectables accessible HERE, the Hatchyverse intention built around to become the first decentralized Intellectual Property (IP) owned and managed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Started…

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  • Healthy creativity

    2020 is wrapping up, and despite the ups and downs it changed how we behave and the world around us. For the lucky people who had the chance to keep working, even from home we fought new daily challenges, like the need of social interactions, lack of physical activities, a minimum superficial self-care to look…

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  • How did I become a UX Designer

    First of all, let’s state the basics, UX means User Experience and it’s the main discipline that revolves around the journey of the user.   Why is the Main discipline? UX is like the main subject that contains other sub subjects, such as UI, User research, Interaction design and so on, based on the industry…

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